Conversations in Greenwich" is an initiative of Greenwich Presbyterian Church. We hope that eventually there will be three parts to these "Conversations":


The first part is "An Evening’s Conversation". On the last Thursday of each  month, from February to November, there is an interview with some prominent and some provocative people.


At a future date there will be a group which gets together each Sunday from 5pm for "Continuing Conversations" (the second part). The name expresses our desire not to have another meeting, but rather that these meetings might start ongoing conversations of real worth and mutual benefit that extend well beyond Sundays at 5pm.


Both for adults and for kids (‘Kids Conversations - the third part) these will be in response to some part of the Bible. Each week an mp3 file will be the jumping off point for our conversations. To make things practical we will also be sharing a meal together so that you don’t have to still go home and eat.


The journey so far...


An Evening's Conversation got underway in 2010. our guests included Dr John Whitehall, Dr Frank Brennan (palliative care), Marc Corcoran (Foreign Correspondent), Dr Kim Oates (emeritus professor paediatrics), Prof Kevin Clements (Peace & Conflict sudies), Patricia Weerakoon (sexologist), Jim Wallace, and finished with Rob Geddes (master of wines), and live music from Opus 2.

2011 saw a great start with Jill McGilvray (women in prison), Sandra Bates (Ensemble Theatre), Nima Neyshaboury (Iran), Michael Spence (Sydney University), John Snowdon (old age psychiatry), John Anderson (former deputy prime minister), Pyotr Patrushev (swam out of the USSR), Mark Scott (ABC) and Dr Andrew Cole.


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